Renew and Reignite Your Relationship with a

Mount Shasta Couples Retreat

Enjoying a Mount Shasta Couples Retreat

Feeling the love after a great hike and meditation

Michael, Lucie, and I after meditating at St. Germain Ring

If you and your partner desire to renew and deepen your connection—with each other and with your own Self – then I invite you to come  for an enriching and engaging Mount Shasta couples retreat, customized just for the two of you.

There’s no place like Mount Shasta for a retreat. The potent energies of the mountain will greatly accelerate and amplify your journey of healing and re-connection.

As your retreat guide, I can help you to:

*immerse yourself in your own Pure Love and share that freely with each other

*communicate about and come up with win/win solutions to difficult issues

*see through the veils and fully recognize your partner’s beauty

*deeply forgive yourself and your partner for past actions

*learn how to use conflict as an opportunity for deep healing

*develop new strategies for supporting each other’s spiritual journeys

*make or renew vows which will help you navigate together through life’s challenges.

We will hike together to a mystical, hidden waterfall and to many magical, little-know sacred sites on Mount Shasta.  At these spots, we will do healing rituals, meditations, and facilitated dialogues.

Celebrating on a Mount Shasta couples retreat

Celebrating on a Mount Shasta couples retreat

Dave and Therese after renewing their vows at Ascension Rock

Your customized retreat can include whatever mix of time with me, with your partner, and alone that serves you best.

As your guide, I offer:

*a deep love for Mount Shasta and knowledge of its most sacred sites

*experience guiding retreats since 1982

*a strong track record of coaching couples in all phases of their relationships

*facilitated dialogues using Nonviolent Communication and other effective communications strategies

Whether you’re just coming together, feeling stuck and needing a breatkthrough, or wanting to gracefully separate, a guided Mount Shasta couples retreat can help you to find deeper clarity and love.

If you’re at a point in your relationship, where you’re not sure whether  to move forward together, I can help you get clarity.  If your hearts are calling you to move apart, I can guide you in making a graceful transition loving transition, perhaps even in making separation vows.

Mount Shasta seen from Shasta Ranch

View from the porch at Shasta Star Ranch

After our adventures on the mountain, you’ll return each day to the Shasta Star Ranch, the charming, rustic B&B where you’ll be staying.  There you’ll enjoy comfortable rooms, a grand porch and beautiful grounds with magnificent views of the summit, delicious breakfasts, and caring service.

In addition to our time together, you might also enjoy:

*bathing in the healing waters at Stewart Mineral Springs, just 15 minutes from Mt. Shasta

*receiving a massage from one of our many exceptional local healers

*swimming in (if it’s summer) or sitting on the shores of a pristine alpine lake just a mile from your B&B.

So, if you’re ready for a big next step in your relationship and in your own spiritual journey, please contact me to explore the possibility of a Mount Shasta couples retreat.


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